Tips for Storing Your Coffee Beans Right

There are few things more delightful than a cup of fresh roasted  coffee. And one of the keys to making a good one is keeping coffee beans fresh. How exactly is that done?

The basics include reduced air movement, stable temperature, zero direct light exposure, and of course, a good container.

A good container could be:

> The bag you bought the coffee in

Not all coffee bags are the same though. Some look great but don't protect enough against the drying effects of oxygen and aroma escaping. If the bag keeps things snug and is resealable, you may not have to move the beans to another container.

> Well-sealed jar

Any jar or even a wide-mouthed water bottle can make a good place for storing your coffee beans. But remember to keep it from sunlight.

> Bean storage containers

If you shop around for bean storage devices, you'll find quite a lot of options out there. Those made of stainless steel are good, especially if they have a special locking lid that you can push down to let the air out and make the beans fit snugly.

To make sure your coffee beans maintain their good quality for a long time, also take note of some things that you must avoid. Here are some:

> Vacuum bean storage - This isn't only going to make the beans go stale faster by removing the oxygen, but it will also actually suck out the oils and aromatics of the KoffeeGadgets  coffee.

> Fridge - It may be good to subject the beans to a little coolness, but absolutely no humidity. And a fridge air has a lot of humidity so it must be avoided. Each time you crack your stash open, humidity will sneak in, diluting the flavors in the process.

> Freezer - Coffee must be frozen only if you intend to have it longer than about a month.
Shorter than that and you can just store the beans at room temperature in an airtight container. If you must freeze, be sure the container is fully sealed. And when you have to use the beans, let them adapt to room temperature, but keep keep them fully sealed to prevent condensation. Of course, when they've thawed, don't put them back in the freezer.

At the end of the day, you just want your coffee beans fresh. And you know that storing them right is going to help you achieve that.